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Barbara being presented an award for
speaking at a welfare-to-work event in Baltimore, MD.


Did you know? Barbara Robinson is
the author of five best-selling books
and is the president, owner, and founder
of Strategies, Tactics, And Results,
Associates, Inc., known within the
business community as (STAR). Her sixth book "Bend in the Road," will be released later this year. She is presently working on her seventh book.

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I was there in Denver Colorado in 2008 to witness history being made at the Democratic National Convention. The historic presidential election was a powerful reminder and sent a powerful message that regardless of where you started, it's where you end up that makes the difference. That election sent the message that the only limitations we have are self-imposed, so dream big! We can do whatever we want with our life and become whomever we choose to become if we work at making our dream become a reality. It was an honor for me to work to help President Obama become America's 44th President. He understands the meaning of "grassroots."

The same is true for me and my successful election to a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates. When I was campaigning in 2006, I promised if elected, I would be a voice for the people and of the people and I have kept that promise. Through personal experience I understand the needs of small businesses, women-owned and operated businesses, minority businesses, disadvantaged businesses, profit and non-profit businesses. I understand the needs of welfare recipients, seniors, individuals classified as disadvantaged, women, ex-offenders, homelessness, and a better education for our children.

I have advocated for domestic violence awareness. As a child I grew up in a domestic violent household. I am an adult survivor of that experience. However, I understand all too well its impact on the life of a child growing up in a domestic violent household. I am an advocate for the children. I want to see that they become all they are capable of becoming. As a published author of 5 books, I want the children to dream big and cultivate their God given talents and allow the world to enjoy their gifts for generations yet unborn.

I promised to be an independent voice and I have kept that promise. I need your support to continue. I am asking you to make a financial contribution of $25, $50, $100. I know that we are facing economic difficulties; therefore, if you cannot afford any of these amounts, whatever you give will be appreciated and will help me to continue to help you.

Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your contributions!


Delegate, Barbara A. Robinson
Member of the Maryland General Assembly,
Member of the Maryland House of Delegates
Representing the 40th Legislative District
Baltimore, Maryland


Barbara Robinson

By Authority of Friends of Barbara A. Robinson, Dr. Theresa M. Mitchell-Hampton, Treasurer